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There are nearly 250 alpaca farms in Wisconsin and alpacas are viewed as an investment livestock. Alpacas on the average can sell from $500 to $500,000.

Why choose alpacas as a livestock option? There are many answers and different people will tell you different reasons. Some farms say the ease of raising these beautiful animals played a big part in the decision as well as for a love of animals, for the investment and for the business opportunity it presented. You do not need any prior experience in raising livestock, yet working and being around the alpacas was easy and took little time out of your day. You will spend more time just watching them and being with them then actually having to work. They can relieve the stress of a hectic day.

Another bonus to raising alpacas is that you will join a community of fun and friendly alpaca breeders. The industry has some of the best people you will meet. Always willing to help each other out, you will never be alone. Someone in the alpaca industry will always be there to answer your questions or give you a hand. See for yourself...find a local alpaca show in your area and meet the farms. It is recommended that you visit several farms, meet other breeders and ask a lot of questions. You will learn a ton from other farms who have many experiences. I couple associations are the Alpaca Fiber Co-Op of North America, The Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association as well as The Great Lakes Alpaca Association.

Don't forget that alpacas make a fantastic investment opportunity as well. After making your initial alpaca purchase, which may be tax deductible (contact an accountant familiar with farm tax law for details), you will grow your herd, thus growing your initial investment. So many refer to alpacas as a tax-deferred investment as you postpone paying income tax on your growing herd until you begin to sell. And alpacas are an insurable investment, guaranteeing that even if you lose your stock you will still be compensated for it. Can't say that about the stock found on Wall Street.

And as mentioned earlier, alpacas offer some major tax advantages. Some include being able to depreciate your breeding stock purchases and if you are an active hands-on owner, you can benefit from offsetting your income from other sources with expenses from your alpaca farm. That's right, if your alpacas are being raised for profit, all the expenses attributed to your business can be written off against your income. Some of these expenses would include feed, vet care, travel, breeding fees, etc.

Then others purchase alpacas just keep as pets or to have their own supply of alpaca fiber, which is softer and warmer than wool and stronger than cashmere. Also, it doesn't contain lanolin, therefore it's hypoallergenic. Weavers, spinners, knitters and fiber artists all agree, there's nothing quite as nice as alpaca fiber.

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